• How do I request a complimentary consultation meeting?

    You would start by filling out the “I Have a Question” to the right. Once we receive your request, a team member will reach out to get you scheduled. We will ask you to fill out an online questionnaire. These questions were intentionally designed to ask only general information and return to us securely. Your information will help guide the conversation.

  • What areas do you give advice on?
    • Analyzing retirement feasibility
    • Developing cash flow scenarios
    • Exercising stock options
    • Deciding when and how to take pension benefits
    • Making deferred comp plan elections
    • Determining if Roth conversions make sense
    • Developing and Planning exit of concentrated company stock positions
    • Allocating 401(k) investments
    • Refinancing, using home equity lines of credit, and reverse mortgages
    • Using existing annuities and evaluating annuity products in context of their plan
    • Purchasing or cancelling life insurance products
    • Determining and Planning for Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)
    • Implementing Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) for RMD
    • Using Donor Advised Funds for tax planning


  • Can you work with people in any state?

    Yes. We have clients located across the United States. While our main office is in Bellevue, WA, with web-based screen sharing technology we work with clients across the country.

  • If I hire you, what should I expect?

    You will have a primary wealth advisor and a servicing advisor. All our advisors hold a Certified Financial Planner® license and/or a Chartered Financial Consultant® - Advanced Financial Planning credential. You will also have a dedicated client service team who facilitate account openings, move money requests, and assist with account links. Our team utilizes each person’s specialized knowledge on your behalf, including the services performed by our back office in portfolio administration, investment research, compliance, and scheduling.

  • Do you have to manage my investments for me to work with you?

    Our clients generally begin by going through a comprehensive financial planning process, which is what we call Initial - Financial Planning & Consulting. Investment management is not included as part of this service.

    During the process, we show you who we are as a fiduciary and the value of our services. If we mutually determine we are the right partner for you, then clients who are looking to delegate investment management decisions move to our Wealth Management Service where Capital Planning provides ongoing oversight of investments, financial planning updates, risk management, and tax planning.

  • What kind of clients do you work with?

    Our typical client is someone age 50 plus with $1M or more of investable financial assets or is looking to retire in the next 5 - 10 years. We also work with multi-generational families where we aggregate total assets under management for determining fees.
    Our clientele comes from:

    • Entrepreneurs/Business Owners (tech, manufacturing, service industry)
    • Families who inherited funds
    • Working or retired executives, managers, engineers, and other professionals from:

      • Boeing
      • Microsoft
      • Amazon

    In addition, we are a good fit if you:

    • Prefer to delegate to an expert so you can go out and enjoy retirement
    • Want to know your spouse will be in not just good, but great hands
    • Value having a “certainty of outcome” over “beating the market”


  • What do your professional designations mean?

    Below are professional designations used by Capital Planning, LLC associates:

    Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®)


    Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS®)

    Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor (CMFC®)

    Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

    Personal Financial Specialist (PFS™)

    You should not rely solely on a title or designation to determine whether a financial professional has the expertise that you need. The link below will help you understand what a designation means and what the financial professional did to obtain it.

    Learn More: About Professional Designations

  • Where can I find additional information about Capital Planning, LLC?
  • Where can I find investment terminology and subject articles?

    Videos, articles, and a glossary of financial and investment terms

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