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For over 35 years we have worked with executives across the U.S. in building and preserving wealth through investment management, financial planning and family legacy services. Our years of experience have proven beneficial in understanding executive compensation and benefits, and how to make them work for you. We don’t just talk about the decisions available to you, we illustrate them so you can see the impact they can have now and in the future. From a wealth planning perspective, we believe your decisions should be tailored to help maximize company contributions, implement tax strategies, consider Roth conversions, compliment the timing of pensions and/or social security, and generate reliable sources of income now and for your retirement future.

It’s why we think our services are important.

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For educational purposes, we offer an array of webinars catered specifically towards executive compensation and benefits. These hour long LIVE webinars are hosted by Michael D. Miller, Founder & CEO, Wealth Advisor of Capital Planning, LLC. Michael specializes in working with the unique financial planning needs of executives and managers. He has provided educational wealth planning services for The Boeing Leadership Network focusing on high-level coordination of benefits and strategies to help maximize the income years and prepare one for retirement.


Our webinars are presented in a step by step approach on each area focus followed by putting the actions into play with case studies so you can see how decisions made today will impact your retirement in the future. Each webinar has resources you can request, including a slide deck, action checklist, and/or worksheets to begin your focused journey to retirement.


  • Incentive Compensation & Tax Planning
  • VIP Aftertax Contributions – Roth Conversions


  • Pension Plan Strategies – Annuity vs Lumpsum
  • VIP, ESSP, & DCP Investment Management


  • Executive Strategies for Annual Enrollment


Capital Planning offers stand alone Financial Planning & Consulting Services to fit the individual needs of executives who are either just starting their financial planning journey or are over a year out from their retirement date. Our services walk through the key components of your financial life, identifying gaps and opportunities to make the most of your peak earning years. Our initial and annual financial planning services offer a comprehensive planning process where we run scenarios to identify where we can create reliable sources of retirement income, reduce the risk of running out of money, reduce investment expenses, coordinate income in a tax efficient way, claim Social Security to maximize cash flow, use Roth conversions to your advantage, plan for, or around, scheduled deferred comp payouts, and strategically exit concentrated positions in company stock. 


  • Initial Financial Planning & Consulting
  • Annual Financial Planning & Consulting
  • Outside Investment Allocation Service
  • Executive Retirement Service
  • Executive Annual Enrollment

Financial Planning & Consulting Services require an FPCS Agreement and Schedule A that outlines the scope of the engagement.


Wealth Management Service is a combination of our Investment Management and Financial Planning services.

We start your journey by leading you through a four phase strategic process that systematically addresses the eight key components of your financial life. Our transparent process includes strategy meetings using interactive online software, custom calculators, reports, and engaging discussions about options available to you.


An in-depth assessment to identify your goals and objectives, uncover critical planning gaps and opportunities in the eight key components, establish priorities, and schedule an implementation timeline.


We present recommendations to you that are developed based on your goals, long-term vision, and the planning gaps and opportunities identified to help you work toward achieving your objectives.


Your customized solutions are implemented by following an intentional, integrated, and thoughtful wealth plan.


Your wealth plan is reviewed in periodic meetings and adjusted as necessary.

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary virtual meeting or phone call with Michael D. Miller, ChFC®, AAMS®, CFP®

During this session we look forward to learning about your unique situation, will present our services and financial planning process,

and share how we add value to the lives of our clients.

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