Charitable Giving


At the heart of Capital Planning is our desire to help our community grow and thrive by the giving of our time and resources. We are guided by the belief that healthy families, good education, and opportunities are the basis of strong and productive communities.

The Capital Planning Charitable Fund seeks to improve our community through gifts to 501(c)(3) organizations that support:

  • Family, parenting, and youth initiatives – because we believe healthy families make strong communities
  • Disenfranchised, orphaned, and foster children – because we believe kids without strong families and support systems are most vulnerable
  • Transforming Poverty – because we believe we should help those less fortunate than ourselves with empowering and sustainable strategies
  • Entrepreneurship – because we believe that creativity, risk, investment, and job creation are essential for the growth of our community

Our charitable fund does not accept grant requests or solicitations.

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