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As an independent registered investment advisor, we are able to utilize leading bank, custody, and investment research services for the benefit of our clients. Our key relationships are with Charles Schwab & Co. and Envestnet Asset Management.

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.*

Schwab Advisor Services serves independent registered investment advisory firms like ours and includes the custody, trading, and support services of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Capital Planning has access to a wide range of investment products, research, and support from a dedicated team. Leveraging these tools helps us develop recommendations that suit the unique investment needs of clients including:

  • Wide array of investment account types, including retirement accounts, charitable giving, and education accounts

  • Broad range of investment options, such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, exchange traded funds, CDs and other investments.

  • Separately managed account services for those who want to leverage the expertise of institutional-caliber money managers who specialize in particular investment styles.

  • Technology and service support so investors can access all their accounts online and view positions, balances, and account histories.

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Envestnet Asset Management, Inc.**

Envestnet is a leading provider of integrated portfolio, practice management, and reporting solutions to financial advisors and institutions. Their open architecture platform encompasses a broad range of institutional-quality research, investment products and advisory resources.

  • Investment Research: The Envestnet | Prima due diligence for investment strategists provides in-depth research by a team of experienced analysts. The process features on-site interviews and a critical assessment of a manager's ability to execute its strategy. Envestnet | Prima provides timely analyst updates, alerts, forward-looking opinions, and actionable recommendations. Additionally, research tools, analytics, and reports help enhance oversight of client portfolios.

  • Portfolio Performance Reporting: Envestnet provides web-based account reports for client viewing of current asset allocation, sector holdings, performance for customized time periods, tax basis, and income reports.

  • Portfolio Analytics: Account analytics are provided to better understand portfolio design and performance characteristics.

Collaboration with Wealth Management Professionals

Capital Planning uses a collaborative, strategic approach to wealth management. We serve as the primary wealth advisor, facilitating the cooperation of our clients' key advisors in the wealth planning process. Over the last 30 years, Capital Planning has built long-term trusted relationships with professionals of the following wealth disciplines:

  • Income Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Investment Banking – Mergers and Acquisition

  • Risk Management and Insurance

  • Legal
    • Estate Planning
    • Merger and Acquisition
    • Corporate
    • Elder Care

  • Business Consulting Specialists
    • Revenue Acceleration
    • Business Operations
    • Exit and Succession Planning
    • Governance

If a client lacks representation in a needed expertise, we can assist in the selection of adding a new advisor to their team.

* These materials have been independently produced by Capital Planning, LLC. Capital Planning, LLC is independent of, and has no affiliation with, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. or any of its affiliates ("Schwab"). Schwab is a registered broker-dealer and member SIPC. Schwab has not created, supplied, licensed, endorsed, or otherwise sanctioned these materials, nor has Schwab independently verified any of the information in them. Capital Planning, LLC provides you with investment advice, while Schwab maintains custody of your assets in a brokerage account and will effect transactions for your account on our instruction.

** Capital Planning and Envestnet are not affiliated companies.

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