Annual Enrollment

Open enrollment decisions can be complex and the selections you make can have a big impact on your financial plan.  If you are a Boeing executive concerned about making sound decisions, you might be asking yourself these questions: 

  • How will the new ­Executive Supplemental Savings Plan (ESSP) differ from the previous SBP and DCP Plans?
  • How do I integrate my contributions between my VIP and the new ESSP? 
  • Should I take advantage of the catch up contribution option if I qualify?
  • Are pre-tax deferrals preferable to after-tax Roth contributions? 
  • How do I maximize after-tax contributions that can be rolled over to a Roth IRA account each year?
  • What percentage of my Salary, Annual Incentive, and Performance Award should I defer?
  • How do I coordinate my RSU and PBRSU anticipated payments with my deferral decisions? 
  • How might my deferrals affect my income taxes now and in the future? 

Over the years we have developed specialized tools and calculators designed to address the unique needs of Boeing executives.  We take an educational approach to open enrollment and offer a complimentary consultation. We will answer your specific questions and simulate alternatives based on your goals and objectives.


  • Open Enrollment Strategies Review – Provide an overview of the essential planning considerations including Boeing match and contributions; pre-tax and Roth contribution limits; catch up provisions; salary, annual incentive, and performance award deferral options.
  • Open Enrollment Assessment – Review and record past elections for the VIP, SBP, and DCP including deferrals of salary, annual incentive, and your performance awards.  Understand how these past elections will affect your cash flow and income tax estimates including your assumptions for RSUs and PBRSUs. Determine your capacity for increasing your deferral elections for pre-tax and after-tax contributions.
  • Open Enrollment Calculator – Simulate contributions for your 26 pay periods to the VIP and ESSP for salary, annual incentive, and performance award deferrals.  Evaluate your pre-tax and after-tax alternatives and determine how it will affect your cash flow and taxable income. 
  • Open Enrollment Recommendations and Implementation – Finalize your deferral decisions for your salary, annual incentive, and performance award for the VIP and ESSP, for you to implement through Boeing Total Access. 
  • Investment Allocations for VIP, ESSP & DCP – Assist you in determining your investment objectives and risk tolerance.  Review your current allocation measured against your risk tolerance.  Establish allocation plans for each account (i.e. VIP, ESSP & DCP) within three asset classes:  stable value, bonds, and equity.  Recommendations for passive and actively managed funds will be provided.