Investment Management

Your investment portfolio is the engine that powers your wealth plan and gives you the potential to reach your long-term goals. Our approach seeks to put our clients in a position to capture returns from market growth over time. We are experienced, patient investors, who rely on well-diversified portfolios.

Investment Management Process

Every investor has their own unique circumstances. We use a distinctive seven step process to uncover your goals, objectives, and concerns. This systematic approach provides the foundation to develop your strategically focused investment portfolio.

  • Plan - We will work with you to understand your overall financial planning vision, goals, and objectives.
  • Determine - We help you determine your return objectives, risk temperament, time horizon, income needs, tax and social sensitivity, and other objectives to develop an investment profile.
  • Develop - A diversified investment plan is developed based on your investment profile with key elements recorded in an Investment Policy Statement.
  • Implement - Your plan will be implemented with a diversified investment portfolio selected from traditional and alternative investment managers.
  • Monitor - We monitor your portfolio and recommend or make adjustments as needed to maintain your Investment Policy Statement.
  • Report - We make available web-based solutions that will provide performance, income, and tax reporting.
  • Update - We will meet with you on a regular basis to review your portfolio and adjust your investment objectives as necessary.

Portfolio Design

Today's investors are faced with an environment of rising risk and uncertainty. Economic concerns, low interest rates, and demographic shifts combine to create a challenging climate. We believe an investment portfolio should be designed to:

  • Address systematic (market) as well as unsystematic (investment) risks
  • Adapt to ongoing market conditions

The result is a dynamic portfolio in which the overall asset allocation may change in different market environments in an effort to maintain attractive risk and return characteristics. Our dynamic approach is designed to bring an intelligent refinement to traditional “buy and hold” investing. Based on your unique circumstances, we will create a portfolio with an asset mix that incorporates these broadly defined asset classes:

Investment Portfolio Design

In creating a well-diversified portfolio we believe in considering a broad spectrum of investments.

Investment Spectrum

Portfolio Reporting

Once your account is established, we provide access to our web-based investment reporting solution that supplies the following:

  • Market Commentary
  • Performance
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Transaction History
  • Cost Basis, Interest, Dividend, and Capital Gain Status
  • Projected Portfolio Income

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