Financial Planning

Capital Planning offers a broad range of financial planning services for clients.  The planning considers your assets, liabilities, goals and objectives and includes gathering information necessary to provide you with appropriate and agreed upon services, which may include recommendations on one or more of the following:

  • Establishing Goals and Priorities
  • Financial Objectives Monitoring
  • Capital Needs Analysis (Goal Funding)
  • Budget and Cash Flow Planning
  • Debt and Liability Analysis
  • Educational Funding
  • Retirement Planning & Feasibility Report
  • Annual Enrollment Planning
    • 401(k) Contribution Planning
    • Deferred Compensation Deferral Amounts (e.g. SSP and ESSP)
    • RSU and PBRSU income mapping coordinated with deferral strategies
    • Other company benefits such as group insurance – medical, life, disability
  • Executive Compensation Planning
  • Comparative Executive Compensation Reviews
  • Employee Stock Option Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate & Trust Planning
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Business Planning
  • Personal Financial Website
    • Consolidated Account Reporting
    • Document Vault
    • Financial Reports
    • Goal and Expense Monitoring

Our Financial Planning Service includes all, or part of, the following process:

Gathering Information
We work with clients to mutually define their objectives prior to making recommendations.  We endeavor to collect sufficient information to understand the resources and objectives of clients.  We use interviews, questionnaires, and data collection forms to establish client’s goals and objectives.

Analyzing and Evaluating Goals and Objectives
We employ various tools to help analyze a client's information and gain an understanding of their goals and objectives.  We may use the client’s information to create models and illustrations for analysis.  Our analysis helps us form opinions regarding whether or not the client’s objectives may be met by their resources and current course of action.

Developing and Presenting Recommendations
We develop, and present recommendations designed to help clients work toward achieving their goals and objectives.  Our recommendations may include our Wealth Management, Investment Management and or Financial Planning/Consulting services. See more below on Consulting Services. We may present our analysis through verbal, electronic or written formats.

Implementing Recommendations
We work with clients to mutually agree on appropriate recommendations for implementation.  Clients are under no obligation to implement any recommendation we offer. We confirm our understanding and respective responsibilities in signed agreements.  

Monitoring Changes
In order to ensure that our initial determination of appropriate recommendations continues to be suitable for clients we maintain relevant client information pertaining to their objectives and risk tolerance. Clients should notify us immediately of any change in their goals and objectives.

We also may recommend outside professionals when clients require services we don’t offer.  Outside professionals are engaged by clients directly and those services are separate from our services.

Consulting Services

We may provide clients with one or more types of Consulting Services including Personal/Business Consulting, Family Legacy Planning or Reporting Only. 

Personal/Business Consulting is offered as client needs dictate and may include advice on isolated areas of concern for securities and non-security related matters. 

Investment Allocation Consulting is offered as client needs dictate and includes investment consulting and asset allocation recommendations on accounts not managed by Capital Planning, LLC. 

Family Legacy Planning is a service that helps clients create an estate and legacy plan including multiple generations 

Reporting Only Services enables us to provide reporting services for client accounts held away with custodians, institutions, and/or broker/dealers that CPC does not have an established relationship referred to as “Excluded Assets”. For these accounts, we create a reporting link to the away account  that will consolidate the account with the client’s other accounts for account consolidation and/or performance reporting.

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